• Say Goodbye to Dry Skin…

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    Here are a few skin-protecting secrets:

    • Boycott hot bath.  Hot showers strip your body’s natural oils leaving your skin dry and itchy.  Instead take lukewarm showers and use the Aniise Honey Scrub or Salt Scrubs  (2 to 3 times weekly) to exfoliate your body of dead skin cells.  Then pat your body dry with the towel, leaving it a bit damp.  You can then use the Aniise Whipped Hand & Body Butter to bring the moisture back to your body.   
    • For your face, use the Aniise Moisture Surge Cream to hydrate your skin.  It’s natural ingredients will restore the moisture back to your skin without any side effects.

    Help your dry skin with Aniise Moisturizer

    • Put Moisture back in your body.  Relax in a lukewarm bathtub for 20 minutes, so that your skin gets re-hydrated.
    • Use soap twice weekly.  Soaps in general are drying.  For the other days, use a non-soap cleanser.  The Aniise Cleansing Milk is for every skin type.  It is made of botanicals such as chamomile and lavender which are naturally replenishing.
    • Take Omega-3.  Use Fish oil or Flaxseed oil vitamins. 

    These will help keep the skin stay young and healthy, and enhance your skin’s appearance.


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