Topical Benefits of Wild Yam

Topical Benefits of Wild Yam - Aniise

Wild Yam (Phyto Mucin) has been used in different forms and in many cultures for centuries to reduce inflammation and skin irritations. The unique compound called diosgenin helps delay aging of the skin and reverses skin damage. It can contribute to inhibiting hyperpigmentation. When used in skincare products, wild yam is deeply moisturizing which results in the reduction of wrinkles. It also helps with collagen production, which makes the skin appear plumper and more youthful.

Wild yam root is also commonly used as a natural source of estrogen in ancient Chinese medicine. It is used as a natural alternative to estrogen for alleviating menopause symptoms, such as night sweats and flashes, as well as menstrual cramps and discomforts. It’s best used by applying it to the underarms, breasts, low back, and tummy. It will effectively calm and soothe your skin.

Aniise has taken the benefits of wild yam and incorporated them into a collection of skincare products called the Wild Yam Body Collection Set. This set includes a face cream, body cream, hand cream, and eye cream, all infused with wild yam. 

The Extra Moisturizing Face Cream hydrates and reduces wrinkles and sagging skin. To protect from sun damage and cold weather, this face cream also promotes collagen formation. The collagen formation helps minimize age-related dark patches and hyperpigmentation.

The Anti Oxidant Body Cream helps alleviate some of the discomforts of menstruation and menopause. The wild yam acts as an estrogen substitute. Thus, it soothes the skin while helping to ease monthly and mid-life fluctuations and mood swings. On top of this, it is non greasy, applies smoothly, and absorbs quickly. 

The Moisturizing Hand Cream deeply hydrates and protects skin from the elements. The yam cream and avocado oil promote smoothness and quick absorption. The infusions of Vitamin A and E help your skin retain elasticity and suppleness. 

The Age Defender Eye Cream is creamy, fast absorbing, and hydrating. The wild yam has anti-aging properties as well as promotes formation of new skin cells. To further add to the effects, the Age Defender Eye Cream includes anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidizing oils.