5 Treatments and Products for Dewy Skin, how to improve your skin tone

Apr 28, 2021

Dewy skin that gives off a radiant glow can be instantly achieved with the right cosmetic treatments and a daily skincare routine that incorporates the right products tailored to your skin type. While there are a plethora of products from which to choose, an advanced radio frequency (RF) micro-needling cosmetic treatment together with an effective cleanser, moisturizer, and face and body oil are the perfect combination for achieving a natural glow.

 Here, we’ll walk you through five of our favorite treatments and products that are sure to restore a healthy glow to your skin.

 1.  RF Micro-needling treatments

RF Micro-needling treatments are an energy-based non-invasive procedure that reaches into the deeper layers of your skin in order to tighten the skin and improve its tone and texture. Morpheus8 is the most advanced of the RF micro-needling procedures out there as it uses radio-frequency technology to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

It’s becoming one of the more popular treatments at London-based clinics since it can alleviate almost all conceivable skin concerns from discoloration to wrinkles. On top of that, the results of the treatment last between 3-5 years, making it a worthwhile investment for those who wish to instantly and dramatically improve the appearance of their skin. 

2.  Cleansers

Cleansing your face twice a day is the essential first step in any skincare routine. It removes the impurities and dead skin that build up over the course of the day, and it increases the efficiency of the moisturizers and oils that are applied afterward. When choosing a cleanser, pick one that’s formulated to your skin type. 

For example, if you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing cleanser that prevents it from drying out; if you have oily skin, choose a gel or foam cleanser that is formulated to remove excess oil. At Aniise, our Oil to Foam facial cleanser contains the perfect balance of plant-based ingredients, which makes it ideal for all skin types. 

3.  Moisturizers

Next, use an effective moisturizer that will hydrate and nourish your skin in order to keep it looking supple and healthy. A moisturizer should be applied straight after cleansing your face and body since hot water can strip your skin of its essential oils to leave it feeling dry. When choosing a moisturizer, pick one that’s packed with vitamins and natural ingredients and devoid of harsh chemicals like parabens.

 We recommend Aniise’s restorative daily face cream for the face and the body butter cream with collagen for the body, both of which contain potent ingredients like Vitamin E, which is renowned for its skincare properties. 

4.  Face Oils

Face oils are an effective way of adding radiance to dull skin since they balance out the skin’s moisture levels and adds an extra layer of protection to your skin. Most face oils are made of plant-based extracts that have effective hydrating and anti-aging properties. You can incorporate face oils into your routine either by applying them before your moisturizer or by mixing a few drops into your moisturizer to give your skin an added boost.

 Aniise’s Apricot and Avocado is a great option to try out since it contains the perfect blend of natural oils that will restore a natural glow to your face. 

5.  Body Oil

Like a face oil, a body oil will work from the inside out to nourish and protect your skin. The upper layers of your skin absorb body oils to provide an instant sheen by hydrating and nourishing the skin while also reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

You can apply a body oil straight onto your skin after a shower, or for a more relaxing and effective experience, add a few drops of it into a warm bath and let the water seal the moisture into your skin. We recommend trying Aniise’s body oil which contains a harmonious blend of rose petal, orange blossom, and argan oil, and other natural oils.

 With a potent treatment like Morpheus 8 and an effective daily skincare routine, you're sure to be left with dramatically renewed skin in an instant.  Moreover, all our recommendations center around safe technologies and plant-based ingredients, which will instantly give your skin a dewy glow in the most natural way.

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