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       "So…..the new trend in skin care is the emergence of face oils and their important role in moisturizing and rejuvenating.  The Aniise Anti-Aging Face Oil with Apricot & Avocado and other essential oils, moisturizes, softens and rebalances the skin for a fresher and brighter complexion.  It is light and absorbs quickly, without leaving a heavy oily residue.


    Not only are face oils a great way to protect and add nutrition and hydration to your skin, but they can also be mixed  with  make-up products, such as primers, powders and liquid foundations.  Their beautifying qualities make them a "must-have item" in your daily facial routine.  


    Benefits of using Face Oil

    • Revitalize, visibly hydrate and even skin tone.
    • Face oils protect your skin for longer periods of time by locking in water and moisture that can be eroded by indoor heating and harsh weather.
    • Gives a perfect primed base for makeup to glide on smoothly.
    • It is multi-purpose and can also be used to soften the neck, hands, hair and nails.

    Benefits of  Aniise Anti-Aging Facial Oil

    • The Aniise Anti-Aging Face Oil helps regain elasticity and suppleness by protecting moisture levels of the skin to give a plumped, healthy and radiant glow.
    • It contains antioxidants to prevent further skin aging.
    • Aniise Face Oil contains a blend of natural ingredients that are void of any parabens and chemicals. They are cruelty-free and made in the USA.
    • It is suitable for all skin types and it smells heavenly.


    Choosing the right Facial Oil

    Look for oil that addresses your skin concerns, naturally….one that actually enhances your complexion with each use and over time.

    Replenishing –  In  just  seconds, skin feels and looks softer, smoother  and younger.  Over time, fine lines will drastically diminish, revealing a younger,  more luminous complexion.   It increases skin elasticity and firmness.

    Normalizing – Proven clinically to smooth rough skin tone, reduce pore size and reduce redness in just a few weeks.


    Top Tips for using Face Oil

    • Always apply when skin is freshly cleansed.
    • Exfoliate regularly, so the oil can sink into your skin easily – our exfoliating scrubs and salts are natural and do not contain microbeads.
    • Massage in, just a few drops of your face oil. The massaging action reduces tension and helps to relax our facial muscle especially around the forehead and jaw area. It also helps to circulate, boost blood flow and allows the oil to penetrate the skin more deeply.
    • In order to save time you can even add a couple of drops to your moisturizer and apply them together.
    • Apply the serum after your oil, if you use the serum in your routine.
    • Remember you can also use your oil on other areas such as around your eyes, eyelids, neck hands, nails and hair.

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  • The Aniise Moonshine Beard & Mustache Oil – Cypress & Lotus

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    In the recent years, we have noticed that our male clients are increasing.  More and more, men take care of their skin and the way they look.  That includes their facial hair.  In the past couple of years, beards have become fashionable.

     As such, we have become inspired by the group of men that call themselves hipsters.  By definition, a hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.  

    The latest addition to our men’s line is the Moonshine Natural Beard & Mustache Oil.  We have created an amazing product that will moisturize the skin, condition the beard and leave a natural glow without an oily residue.  They come in two iconic scents that tantalize the senses:  Cypress & Lotus. 

    Cypress:  The oldest types of trees in the world.  They represent longevity, strength and endurance.  They represent life.

    Lotus:  It symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.  It represents long life, health and luck.

    We feel they capture the essence of the Aniise Moonshine Beard & Mustache Oil, and our customers that use them.

    With love,

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  • CYBER MONDAY DEALS: Happy Shopping with Aniise!

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    Take advantage of our CYBER MONDAY DEALS! These deals are exclusive for today ONLY, so get your shopping on with Aniise Beauty before they are GONE.

    Whether you've got that special man in your life who'd benefit from our newest beard oil or you've been considering our the botanical mask, you can now purchase these and many more items from our shop and get $20 OFF your $50 order!

    In addition to our $20 discount, a lot of our items have a special price that will only be for today!

    Shop our sale!

    Beard Oil: Shop Here

    Aniise By Patricia De Leon: Shop Here

    Acne Botanical Mask: Shop Here

    Collagen Facial Mask with Hibiscus: Shop Here

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  • Soft Contour: The PERFECT Makeup Look For the Holidays

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    Unless you want to go for a full gothic vibe, choosing between a bold eye or dark lip this Fall is essential. Which brings us up to our all time favorite part of makeup, contouring. For the past couple of years, contouring has become a staple  to finalizing any makeup look! But for this Fall, we decided to tone it down a bit and therefore showcase a bold lip or eye without being too overwhelming.To brighten your complexion without contouring, try this technique. Your skin will look brighter more naturally. The beauty of this particular style of contour is the fact it's subtle. You know you are wearing makeup, but nobody can see it!


    Toning down your contour can create a sort of softness to your look. Your skin will look brighter more naturally. Give this style a try and share your results!

    1. Apply the Aniise Flawless Mineral Liquid Foundation for a semi-dewy look.
    2. Add concealer to cover blemishes.
    3. Apply bronzer lightly to create dimension. Use the Aniise Bronzer / Highlighter Duo compacts (Burlesque for lighter skin tones, Cabaret for darker skin tones).
    4. Blend the Aniise Highlighter across your cheekbones, down your nose and on the arches of your brows.

    And you are done.


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  • Latest Obsession: Creating The Perfect Cat Eye Using Aniise Black Gel Liner!

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    Everyone knows how seductive and dramatic Cat Eye can be, but there are too many people who think they can’t achieve that look. The first thing to realize is that to learn how to do your eyeliner is practice and experimentation. Nobody is good at it the first time they try. But the following tips will make it easier to learn.

    1. Line Shape and Thickness

    A good cat eye begins with a thin line and then gets bigger towards the end. It should not be the same thickness all the way across. Starting from the end, draw a semi-circle halfway across the lid, with a gradual arch.

     If you make it rounder, it can make your eyes look bigger. If you make it thinner, it can make your eyes look longer. If you start the thick arch close to the end, it can make eyes look further apart. If you bring the thick part closer to the inside, it can give you a retro, wide-eyed style. Experiment and see what looks best on you.


    2. Find your shape.

    Cat-eye liner is not a one size fits all, depending on depth of your crease and shape of your eyes, experiment a little to find which shape looks best on you. There are 2 basic cat-eye shapes: Curvy and Triangular.

    A curvy wing comes out, rounds at the bottom and then curves up like end of the letter J.

    A triangular wing comes straight up and then in.

     Normally, curvy wings are best if you want your eyes to look bigger as they elongate the natural lash line. The triangular works best if you have large eyes and would like to add definition. If you have very deep eyelid crease or an extra fold, try a curvy shape. If you have a shallow crease or an extra fold, start out with a triangular shape - Just a suggestion to start with.

     3. Don’t pull on your skin while drawing.

    Many believe that by pulling your skin tighter you can draw your line easier, but this isn’t so. By pulling your skin, you might think that the line is going higher or straighter than it really is.

     4. Get the angle right.

    You want to make sure that both eyes have the same wing angle. The easiest way to achieve this is by holding a brush against the side of your nose and lining it up with the outer corner of your eye and end of your eyebrow. This will show you the angle you should be aiming for.

     5. Keep your length in mind.

    There is no exact formula for this, you just need to experiment to see what works best for you.


     6. Find a product you love.

    The Aniise Black Eye Gel Liner is very creamy, black and dries fast. It also comes with a built-in brush that you can use this brush for a thicker line.

    So, get started, practice, and experiment. You will get it!


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