• Small Steps to Younger Looking Skin

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    Keep your skin looking young by following these steps



    Step 1.   The most important time to clean your face is before you go to bed.  You must wash away dirt, makeup and bacteria so that your pores are not clogged.  Washing your skin every night with soap can dry out your skin and create more wrinkles.  Instead use a gentle cleaner and toner 5 times a week and a gentle soap the other 2 days.  Use the Aniise: 

              Cleansing Milk  
              Refreshing Toner
              Oatmeal Soap (Dry skin) or Aloe Vera Soap (Oily Skin)


    Step 2.    Nothing is more important than wearing Sun screen daily. The Sun’s UV exposure can damage your skin’s collagen which leads to wrinkles and sunspots.

    The Aniise Normalizing Zinc Crème has natural UV ray protection due to its high concentration of Zinc Oxide.  However, for additional protection apply a sun screen in addition to this cream.


    Step 3.   Manage your stress level.  Emotional stress can make your skin look much older than your real age.  Constant stress can break down your skin’s collagen.  It can also cause facial redness and acne.  To combat inflammation, eat anti-oxidant food, such as oranges, berries and vegetables.  And when you’re feeling tense, take a few deep breaths and release slowly.


    Step 4.   Use anti-aging creams, serums and moisturizers with natural formulation that penetrate easily in your skin.  CoQ10, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and many extracts of herbs protect your skin from aging.  Use the Aniise:

             Moisture Surge Crème – dry skin formula
             Anti-wrinkle Treatment
             Collagen Facial Serum


    Step 4.   Eat foods that contain Omega-3, such as salmon, flaxseed, and almonds.  They boost hydration, which keeps skin supple and firm.

    Step 5.   Exercise regularly.  Exercise increases the skin’s oxygen and the nutrients needed for collagen production. 

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  • How to Properly Apply Highlighter or Blush - Contouring Your Face

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    Correctly applying blush as part of your makeup routine can add so much to improve and highlight your facial features. For instance, if you have a round face, blush can elongate your face. If you have sunken cheek bones or cheek bones that are not prominent, blush can define your cheekbones and give dimension.

    How to Apply Highlighter or BlushThere are several components to consider when choosing a highlighter or blush. The primary factor is selecting the right color and the second is selecting the right blush for your skin type.

    When selecting your blush,  pick a blush shade that is correct for your skin tone. Additionally, stay away from blushes that are too bright, too dark or too pale for your skin tone. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right color.

    Highlighters and Blush Color:

    Fair skin tones are most appropriate to pink, tawny, and beige blushes. For olive to yellow skin tones, try blushes in copper, almond and warm brown shades. Also, tanned skin frequently looks best with warm colors like peach, coral, apricot and orange. Considering the depth of the blush, bolder colors for darker skin and softer colors for fair skin will help you achieve a natural glow.

    In general, bolder colors for darker skin and softer colors for fair skin will help you achieve a natural glow.

    Highlighters and Blush Type:

    The blush comes in a variety of textures such as creams, powders and gels.

    Powder blushe gives a natural looking finish. It is easy to apply, goes on smoothly and blends well. Apply with a wide brush after you have applied your basics or powder. Select a texture that is sheer and can easily build up.

    Application: I recommend a wide, good quality brush. To guarantee an even application, tap the excess blush off the brush before applying to the face. A good brush will give you an excellent application and follow the normal bends of the cheek bone. Smile in the mirror and apply the blush to the fatty part of the cheek going upward and back, mix as you apply. A good tip is to apply blush where shading naturally arises. Use short up-and-down vertical strokes while moving toward the top of your ear. Consider a teardrop shape with the more slender part at the top and the wider part pointing toward your nose.

    Cream blushes are oil-free. To give a more precise and even result, apply with fingertips.  Cream blushes blend easily and provide a natural result.  Furthermore, a cream blush is recommended for the dry and mature skin as it blends smoothly.

    The Blush Palette from Aniise Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics is mineral, highly pigmented and soft.  It is perfect for adding dimension and highlighting the cheek bones.  It is recommended for all skin types.

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  • Say Goodbye to Dry Skin…

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    Here are a few skin-protecting secrets:

    • Boycott hot bath.  Hot showers strip your body’s natural oils leaving your skin dry and itchy.  Instead take lukewarm showers and use the Aniise Honey Scrub or Salt Scrubs  (2 to 3 times weekly) to exfoliate your body of dead skin cells.  Then pat your body dry with the towel, leaving it a bit damp.  You can then use the Aniise Whipped Hand & Body Butter to bring the moisture back to your body.   
    • For your face, use the Aniise Moisture Surge Cream to hydrate your skin.  It’s natural ingredients will restore the moisture back to your skin without any side effects.

    Help your dry skin with Aniise Moisturizer

    • Put Moisture back in your body.  Relax in a lukewarm bathtub for 20 minutes, so that your skin gets re-hydrated.
    • Use soap twice weekly.  Soaps in general are drying.  For the other days, use a non-soap cleanser.  The Aniise Cleansing Milk is for every skin type.  It is made of botanicals such as chamomile and lavender which are naturally replenishing.
    • Take Omega-3.  Use Fish oil or Flaxseed oil vitamins. 

    These will help keep the skin stay young and healthy, and enhance your skin’s appearance.


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  • How to do Foundation Like a Pro

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    Your Liquid Foundation should be as lightweight as your moisturizer.  To pick the correct color follow the steps below:


    Step 1:  Test the foundation on your jawline and check it in the daylight.  The color is correct if it blends in without blending. 

    Step 2:  Prepare your skin by making sure your skin is clean and moisturized.   Wait 5 minutes for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin.  First apply the Aniise Facial Primer to make your complexion smooth by minimizing pores and to have the makeup last all day. 

    Step 3:  Apply Aniise Mineral Liquid Foundation. If you want just a little coverage, use your fingers, and for more coverage use a sponge or a Foundation Brush.   Start in the middle of the face and work your way out to blend makeup all over including the eye area.

    Step 4:  Use the Aniise Concealer after you applied your foundation to cover the darkest part of the under-eye circles and other flaws that weren’t covered completely by your foundation.  The base of the Liquid Foundation you applied originally will keep your Concealer crease-free.

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  • Exfoliating your skin… The secret to skin beauty

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    Our skin is constantly renewing itself, growing new healthy cells to replace the old, dead skin cells.  As we age, we need to exfoliate our skin to slough off dead skin cells, since our skin cells don’t fall off as easily.  When the dead skin cells don’t detach, they make the complexion look rough, pasty and contribute to clogged pores that lead to adult acne.  The regular and correct use of exfoliants can help remove dead skin cells and uncover fresh and youthful skin.

    You should not use an exfoliant every day.  The skin needs time to regenerate its top layer which exfoliants strip away.  People with dry skin should exfoliate twice a week.  People with oily skin should exfoliate 2 -4 times a week.  It is important to moisturize your skin after exfoliating to soothe and keep it from getting dry.

    At Aniise, we have three types of natural exfoliants which all lead to skin beauty:

    Clear Skin Pore Cleanser exfoliating machine for face and body:

    Aniise Honey Scrub is formulated from real honey and almonds

    Aniise Milk and Honey Sea Salt Scrub for body

    Aniise Cleansing and Hydrating Mud Mask for face and body

    Aniise Restorative Botanical Mask for face

    Use any of these exfoliants on your face and body for a skin that is soft to the touch and a subtle, sexy scent that lingers on for the entire day.

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