Small Steps to Younger Looking Skin

Jan 29, 2016

Keep your skin looking young by following these steps



Step 1.   The most important time to clean your face is before you go to bed.  You must wash away dirt, makeup and bacteria so that your pores are not clogged.  Washing your skin every night with soap can dry out your skin and create more wrinkles.  Instead use a gentle cleaner and toner 5 times a week and a gentle soap the other 2 days.  Use the Aniise: 

          Cleansing Milk  
          Refreshing Toner
          Oatmeal Soap (Dry skin) or Aloe Vera Soap (Oily Skin)


Step 2.    Nothing is more important than wearing Sun screen daily. The Sun’s UV exposure can damage your skin’s collagen which leads to wrinkles and sunspots.

The Aniise Normalizing Zinc Crème has natural UV ray protection due to its high concentration of Zinc Oxide.  However, for additional protection apply a sun screen in addition to this cream.


Step 3.   Manage your stress level.  Emotional stress can make your skin look much older than your real age.  Constant stress can break down your skin’s collagen.  It can also cause facial redness and acne.  To combat inflammation, eat anti-oxidant food, such as oranges, berries and vegetables.  And when you’re feeling tense, take a few deep breaths and release slowly.


Step 4.   Use anti-aging creams, serums and moisturizers with natural formulation that penetrate easily in your skin.  CoQ10, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and many extracts of herbs protect your skin from aging.  Use the Aniise:

         Moisture Surge Crème – dry skin formula
         Anti-wrinkle Treatment
         Collagen Facial Serum


Step 4.   Eat foods that contain Omega-3, such as salmon, flaxseed, and almonds.  They boost hydration, which keeps skin supple and firm.

Step 5.   Exercise regularly.  Exercise increases the skin’s oxygen and the nutrients needed for collagen production.