How to Apply Eye Shadow Primer

Feb 8, 2016

Do I need to use an Eye Shadow Primer?

An eyeshadow primer is often a multipurpose product, with the most important purpose giving eye shadow staying power.

Why use a Primer?

Eye shadow primer helps eye shadow adhere to the eyelid, stay in place, and also prevents creasing.

The reasons to consider using an eye shadow primer:

Eye Lid Prep - Eye shadow primer is used to prep the eyes for eye shadow.  It provides a smooth canvas and assists with longer wear and makes the eye shadow easier to blend.

To Even Skin tone - Eye shadow primer is used to even out skin color and discolorations. It’s helpful for those with darkened or discolored eyelids. Eye shadow primer can also cover visible veins.

To Intensify Color - Eye shadow primer can make pigment stand out and look more vibrant. Some shadows, especially powder formulas, appear lighter than they look in the palette. This is often a problem on deep skin tones. Primer can help you achieve more color.

Skin & Make up Barrier - Primer also acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup. This is good for oily skin type because it can keep oil from the skin away from the eye shadow, helping to prevent eye shadow from fading or smudging.

To Prevent Creasing & Smudging - Primer is useful in hot, humid weather to keep eye shadow from fading or smudging. It also helps prevent creasing from normal eye movements.

Eye Shadow Primer Vs Eye Shadow Base

A primer helps prevent creasing and fading, and helps with making eye shadow last longer. An eye shadow base is usually thicker and is mainly used to intensify color and make eye shadow adhere to the eyelid.


How to Apply Eye Shadow Primer

  1. Smooth a small amount of eye shadow primer onto the entire lid with your fingertips, blending up and out toward the brow. Also try to apply as close to the lash line as possible.
  2. Using a concealerbrush blend evenly.
  3. You can also use primer under the eye if you are adding a line of eye shadow color underneath the lower lash line.
  4. Let the eye shadow primer set for a minute or two before applying eye shadow.