Behind The Scenes of Aniise Cosmetics Fall 2016 & Everyday Beauty

Aug 26, 2016

We’ve been hard at work at Aniise Cosmetics & Skincare HQ! If you’ve been following us very closely through our social, you might’ve noticed some amazing new images circulating the internet for one of our fall campaigns. For one of our newest campaigns, we decided to use girls that are in our daily lives that inspire us. The one thing that inspires our brand and keeps us innovative with quality skincare products and cosmetics is the ladies we featured in the campaign.


Our Newest Aniise Ambassadors looking fabulous

They are our friends, our cousins, our nieces. We could’ve easily hired models like we’ve done in the past. It is essential to our industry to feature geometrically perfect girls. As much as we love using models and beautiful industry girls, we wanted to try something unique! We wanted to feature girls like everyone, girls like YOU!

The photoshoot took place in the area of Sherman Oaks in the offices of our Marketing friends at Infinite Communications. Everyone arrived at around 10AM, ready for the magic that was about to happen. The glam squad consisted of major beauty gurus, Amelia Castano and Allison Wagner. The well-renowned photographer Trevor Boyd blessed the set with his presence and his talent of capturing real, unretouched beauty - which was the perfect photographer for our particular shoot.


Disney Channel Star Sammi Jack with our President's Niece Tina

2 of our nieces and their 3 friends were in attendance. After looking through agencies and models, we realized that we wanted something much more personal. We wanted to place everyday girls front and center for the world to see. We then realized we had the perfect candidates for this type of campaign and we brought them on board. The shoot was a complete success, we captured amazing images and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Sammi Jack getting ready for her close up with Trevor Boyd


If there is anything we learned at Aniise through this shoot is that beauty is much more complex than what we have become accustomed to. Beauty can many times be our sisters, brothers, aunts or friends. Cherish everyone’s beauty and cherish everyone’s flaws too, because that is what makes them unique.

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