Latest Obsession: Creating The Perfect Cat Eye Using Aniise Black Gel Liner!

Nov 1, 2016

Everyone knows how seductive and dramatic Cat Eye can be, but there are too many people who think they can’t achieve that look. The first thing to realize is that to learn how to do your eyeliner is practice and experimentation. Nobody is good at it the first time they try. But the following tips will make it easier to learn.

1. Line Shape and Thickness

A good cat eye begins with a thin line and then gets bigger towards the end. It should not be the same thickness all the way across. Starting from the end, draw a semi-circle halfway across the lid, with a gradual arch.

 If you make it rounder, it can make your eyes look bigger. If you make it thinner, it can make your eyes look longer. If you start the thick arch close to the end, it can make eyes look further apart. If you bring the thick part closer to the inside, it can give you a retro, wide-eyed style. Experiment and see what looks best on you.


2. Find your shape.

Cat-eye liner is not a one size fits all, depending on depth of your crease and shape of your eyes, experiment a little to find which shape looks best on you. There are 2 basic cat-eye shapes: Curvy and Triangular.

A curvy wing comes out, rounds at the bottom and then curves up like end of the letter J.

A triangular wing comes straight up and then in.

 Normally, curvy wings are best if you want your eyes to look bigger as they elongate the natural lash line. The triangular works best if you have large eyes and would like to add definition. If you have very deep eyelid crease or an extra fold, try a curvy shape. If you have a shallow crease or an extra fold, start out with a triangular shape - Just a suggestion to start with.

 3. Don’t pull on your skin while drawing.

Many believe that by pulling your skin tighter you can draw your line easier, but this isn’t so. By pulling your skin, you might think that the line is going higher or straighter than it really is.

 4. Get the angle right.

You want to make sure that both eyes have the same wing angle. The easiest way to achieve this is by holding a brush against the side of your nose and lining it up with the outer corner of your eye and end of your eyebrow. This will show you the angle you should be aiming for.

 5. Keep your length in mind.

There is no exact formula for this, you just need to experiment to see what works best for you.


 6. Find a product you love.

The Aniise Black Eye Gel Liner is very creamy, black and dries fast. It also comes with a built-in brush that you can use this brush for a thicker line.

So, get started, practice, and experiment. You will get it!


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