How to Battle Dry Skin During The Cold Season

Dec 20, 2022

When the temperatures start to drop, many people’s bodies also start to change. One of the most common occurrences many experience is dry skin, which happens when your skin loses water too quickly. Specifically, as the temperatures start to sink, colder air is less humid, meaning there’s naturally less moisture in the air. This is why your skin can suffer during this time of year. Below, we’ve created a list of the best ways you can stay one step ahead of the chilly weather to fight dry skin all season long. 

Moisturize Your Skin

One of the easiest ways you can protect yourself from dry skin is to moisturize. Adding this specific type of lotion into your routine helps by adding moisture back to your body. This is exactly what your skin needs this time of year. While moisturizers are very common, if you live in colder climates, we recommend using an ultra-moisturizing body cream. Applying liberally to your skin throughout this season will help you reap the best results. While there may only be a few specific areas where you’re experiencing dry skin, it’s important to apply it all over your body. The body cream hydrates your skin intensely and ensures that you have protection from the cold weather everywhere, all season long. 

Add a Hydrating Mud Mask to Your Skincare Routine

Odds are you’ve developed some form of a skincare routine you’ve regularly used up until this point. Whether you have a simple format you follow or a rigorous skincare routine, adding some new products to your lineup during the cold season may be in your best interest. Adding new regimens such as a multi-purposeful hydrating mud mask can leave your skin smoother, brighter and softer than ever. Silica and essential organic compounds in mud masks provide incredibly strong hydrating and moisturizing effects. In addition to moisturizing your skin, all-in-one masks can also act as a cleanser while fighting off acne. While you don’t have to use mud masks all year round, we find them to be especially beneficial this time of year for fighting off any dry skin on your face.

Add a Hydrating Mud Mask to Your Skincare Routine

Beware of Hidden Causes

Winter can involve lots of travel due to the holiday season. As we try to move back to normal but see spikes in illnesses, wearing a mask is still very common in many parts of the country. If you find yourself traveling and having or wanting to wear one, be sure to prepare your skin properly before and afterwards. Depending on what kind of mask you wear, some of them soak up the moisture you have in your skin and you want to be prepared. In addition, if you wear glasses, you may also run into some issues in your mask.

Learning how to keep glasses from fogging may be in your best interest to keep the annoying condensation at bay. While some masks can pull moisture from your skin, cloth masks can hold it in. The added moisture from your glasses can then be transferred to your mask, causing your pores to clog if worn too long. While the cold air can be the biggest culprit for dryness, there are many other contributing factors that can be causing your skin issues during this season.

Protect Your Home With a Humidifier

Your home should be the one place where you feel the most comfortable, but unfortunately, that may not be the case for your skin. With a list of potential culprits that can be causing your skin dryness, you may not want to overlook your living space. Older homes and heating sources just may be one of the causes here. Older homes likely will have drafts, allowing the cold air to come inside more easily. In addition, if you have a furnace or wood stove of some sort, the air in your home will be extra hot and dry as a result. Finding the exact root of your dry skin may take some time, but finding the right solution can be easy. The benefits of adding a humidifier can close the door on the dry air within your home. Not only can they help by adding moisture back into the air, but they’ll also help you battle any sickness you contract this season.

Protect Your Home With a Humidifier

If you’re one of the many who suffer from dry skin this time of year, try incorporating a few of these tips to help you win the moisture battle. While it’s important to stay one step ahead, keep in mind that it may be more than one factor causing your symptoms. Also keep in mind, our dry skin targeted treatments have all the essentials for you to keep your skin healthy, all year long, including our Moisturizers, Body Creams, Body Oils, and more.