Soft Contour: The PERFECT Makeup Look For the Holidays

Nov 14, 2016

Unless you want to go for a full gothic vibe, choosing between a bold eye or dark lip this Fall is essential. Which brings us up to our all time favorite part of makeup, contouring. For the past couple of years, contouring has become a staple  to finalizing any makeup look! But for this Fall, we decided to tone it down a bit and therefore showcase a bold lip or eye without being too overwhelming.To brighten your complexion without contouring, try this technique. Your skin will look brighter more naturally. The beauty of this particular style of contour is the fact it's subtle. You know you are wearing makeup, but nobody can see it!


Toning down your contour can create a sort of softness to your look. Your skin will look brighter more naturally. Give this style a try and share your results!

  1. Apply the Aniise Flawless Mineral Liquid Foundation for a semi-dewy look.
  2. Add concealer to cover blemishes.
  3. Apply bronzer lightly to create dimension. Use the Aniise Bronzer / Highlighter Duo compacts (Burlesque for lighter skin tones, Cabaret for darker skin tones).
  4. Blend the Aniise Highlighter across your cheekbones, down your nose and on the arches of your brows.

And you are done.


If you do decide to give this look a try using our products, don't forget to tag us!

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