The Aniise Moonshine Beard & Mustache Oil – Cypress & Lotus

The Aniise Moonshine Beard & Mustache Oil – Cypress & Lotus - Aniise

In the recent years, we have noticed that our male clients are increasing.  More and more, men take care of their skin and the way they look.  That includes their facial hair.  In the past couple of years, beards have become fashionable.

 As such, we have become inspired by the group of men that call themselves hipsters.  By definition, a hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.  

The latest addition to our men’s line is the Moonshine Natural Beard & Mustache Oil.  We have created an amazing product that will moisturize the skin, condition the beard and leave a natural glow without an oily residue.  They come in two iconic scents that tantalize the senses:  Cypress & Lotus. 

Cypress:  The oldest types of trees in the world.  They represent longevity, strength and endurance.  They represent life.

Lotus:  It symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.  It represents long life, health and luck.

We feel they capture the essence of the Aniise Moonshine Beard & Mustache Oil, and our customers that use them.

With love,